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21st - 23rd February 2019

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Letters from our presidents

Letters from our presidents

Jacques Donnez

Director of the SRI (Infertility Research Unit) in Brussels, Belgium

It was an honor for me to be invited by Pr Arnaud Wattiez and the organizing committee to be the Co-President of the next edition of Endo Dubai. I accepted the invitation immediately and with great pleasure!

It is a privilege to be Co-President of ENDO Dubai 2019 along with Pr Jacques Marescaux. Pr Marescaux is a recognized expert in the field of general Surgery and it will be an opportunity for all of us to discuss different surgical scenarios, particularly in difficult pelvic diseases. Opinions and attitudes of General Surgeons and Gynecological Surgeons can sometimes vary, even be opposite and lead to controversies …..and scientific discussions always help!

Gynecologists work in the pelvis and the association of bowel involvement in our practice is frequent. It leads to common fields of expertise that should be discussed in the light of the knowledge coming from both specialties.

The congress will cover numerous subjects but the main theme is: Pelvic pain!
-from physio-pathogenesis to medical and surgical therapy, pain remains an enigmatic symptom and/or an unexplained disease!
-Pain represents the major symptom that leads to medical consultation.
-Pain is the visible symptom of invisible diseases such as endometriosis!
-Pain makes difficult the treatment of associated symptoms like infertility.
-The management of “endometriosis related infertility” is a source of debate between IVF advocates and Surgery supporters!
-Fertility preservation, another hot topic of the current decade, should also be discussed in many fields like endometriosis management or oncology!
-And finally, the link between uterine adenomyosis -a major source of pain- and some types of deep endometriosis is becoming more and more obvious!

Treatment of pain can be medical or surgical, and options should be discussed.

ENDO Dubai 2018 has been a fantastic success. I have no doubt that ENDO Dubai 2019 will repeat this successful experience and be even better!

Pain is everything so let’s open, together, new ways to preserve our patients from such a scourge!

See you soon, dear Experts and dear Friends, in Dubai in February 2019.

Jacques Marescaux

President and Founder of IRCAD

It is my honor and my pleasure to accept Professor Arnaud Wattiez’s invitation to co-chair the 4th ENDO Dubai Congress which will take place on 21-23 February 2019. Every year, more than 600 participants, specialists in minimally invasive gynecological surgery, take part in this event to share and update their knowledge and skills. This intensive three-day congress will be filled with conferences, hands-on sessions, and discussions with world-renowned experts.

At IRCAD, we have been training every year more than 5700 surgeons in minimally invasive surgery since 1994. As the President of this research and training center, I feel that this congress is truly essential since it allows to spread knowledge, promote discussions and education for surgeons worldwide with the aim to let patients benefit from the most state-of-the-art surgical advances, no matter where these patients come from.

I very much look forward to seeing you and to discussing the future of healthcare in 2019.

Best wishes,

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